About us

From the land that wakes up to the sound of shuttles and sets peace at the roaring waves of the evening sea, suee takes immense pride in its origin, Kannur; the rich culture centric district of Kerala. 

The story opens its frame two women, Hiba and Krishna, the soul and fuel of the brand. After graduating from National Institute of Fashion Technology in the year 2017, they knew what they were envisioned to.

Being the daughters to Kannur, the handloom industry wasn't strange to them. With professional support and back up from their education in fashion, the fondness grew even further. The dooming fate of a well acclaimed craft heritage indeed worried them. The monotony of designs and the repetitive catalog of handloom bored them as well.

This was when they began realising the need of revolutionising and revitalising the handloom industry with value added products and designs. The venture is deeply grounded to the traditional practises of weaving, is dedicatedly supported by the passionate weavers society, and promoted vigorously by handloom enthusiasts.

every SUEE- own its crafted meeting global standards of production, coloured with the never fading dye from Kannur handloom, processed from pure ground water. Along with the motive to preserve the dying heritage, Suee focuses on instilling a new energy to the employees of the handloom Society. 

Keeping in tune with the current trends, Suee has a chic poet line designed for women, men and kids. Trendifyifng an old age tradition, Suee blends the global fashion trends with traditional production techniques, hence making every piece in their collection a must own mustard!